Competition Mechanics

  • Design the Tumbler size 16 oz. (download the picture of design)
  • The design should be 1) in the tumbler shape and 2) have the whole design that the committee can see the whole picture
  • Twinings logo (shown the black on gold) must be in the design.
  • The design should have the "cool luxe" feel.
  • The London vibe must also be incorporated in the design.
  • Since Twinings is a tea brand, tea elements are a must.
  • Remarks:
(i)   "Cool luxe" is short for Cool luxury. It is defined as a design style that is imaginative & playful but still modern & chic.
(ii)   Cannot use any imagery of the royal family.

Design competition rules and qualifications of the candidate:

  • Must be a student currently enrolled in the nominated university
  • The design has never been produced or published or got an award before
  • 1 person can send as many designs as possible (but only 1 design per person will be selected)
  • The selection of winners will be determined by the panel of judges based on the criteria stipulated in the design brief
  • The decision of the judges is final
  • The design should be sent in high resolution jpg or png file (file size not more than 2 MB) to
  • Deadline of submission of entries will be on October 15, 2018
  • For more information, please contact or +632 638 2660.

Download the tumbler and paper illustrator template

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