Welcome to the Twinings Cool Luxe Design Competition. Design our next Twinings Tumbler and get a chance to win exciting cash prizes for you and your university!

Grand Winner: trophy with cash prize of 50,000 Pesos
(Faculty / University: cash prize 20,000 Pesos)
1st runner up: cash prize 30,000 Pesos
(Faculty / University: cash prize 10,000 Pesos)
2nd runner up: cash prize 10,000 Pesos
(Faculty / University: cash prize 5,000 Pesos)
Popular vote: cash prize 10,000 Pesos
*All prizes above Php10,000 will be subject to 20% withholding tax. The withholding tax is applicable only to prizes won by individuals.

Deadline for contributions: October 15, 2018